Schools Visited

Adel Desoto Minburn High School (2010-2011)

Minds of Tomorrow traveled to Adel Desoto Minburn High School in November 2010 and put on an assembly for the whole high school.  They were awarded their grant to buy new computers and probes to use in their high school science courses.

March 30th, We will be returning to ADM High School for an outreach event.

Mt. Vernon Middle School (2010-2011)

Minds of Tomorrow traveled to Mt. Vernon Middle School in the Spring of 2010 to award them their grant.  Minds of Tomorrow is working with Mt. Vernon to make plans to come back to do an outreach event.

Central Lee High School (2010)

We traveled to Central-Lee high school and did a presentation which included the creation of a prototype batch of bio-diesel, as well as a powerpoint on biorenewables.

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Jordan Creek Elementary School (2009 – 2010)

The Jordan Creek Elementary School grant was awarded for the purchase of solar and hydrogen fuel cell car kits as part of a “Young Engineer’s Club.” Fifth and sixth grade students will have the opportunity to research alternative forms of energy by building solar and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Minds of Tomorrow has traveled to Jordan Creek Elementary to officially congratulate them on their award, and speak with the recipient students on the topic of engineering. Through a PowerPoint presentation and various demonstrations using memory wire and Lego-NXT robots, the students were exposed to the breadth and depth of engineering. Minds of Tomorrow will return to Jordan Creek Elementary in Fall 2009 for an Outreach Day in which Iowa State students will lead various activities with the fifth and sixth graders pertinent to the awarded solar and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The outreach will be done in Spring 10.

Abraham Lincoln High School (2009 – 2010)

In Fall of 09 we traveled to Council Bluffs, IA to present Abraham Lincoln High School the Minds of Tomorrow grant award. The grant was given to aid them in creating a low cost online homework system and interactive whiteboards. These technology will provide instant feedback on students’ work and help student understand the material presented. While there, we had a presentation to show the different fields of engineering and what they do. We included a couple demonstrations such as the memory wire, the engineering in a helicopter, and a maglev train.

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